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M003 MOD54 Darkroom Kit

M003 MOD54 Darkroom Kit


Large format (5x4in) darkroom starter kit.

Additionally you will need to source chemicals and some simple plastic containers to complete your darkroom kit.

Save over £30 on the RRP

Kit includes-

Paterson PTP116 3 Reel Tank

MOD54 Insert to process 6 sheets of 4x5 5x4 sheet film

Paterson 1200ml Measuring Cylinder

Paterson 150ml Measuring Cylinder

B&W Thermometer

Paterson Chemical Stirrer

Paterson Large Changing Bag

6 Chrome clips for hanging film to dry

Paterson 11cm Funnel

Save around 25% by buying the kit.  I am quietly confident you won't find this kit cheaper anywhere else in the world, price guarantee.

For any Bespoke kit configurations please email Katie on