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Like most things in life, invention is born out of neccesity.  Many years ago while starting out in Photography producing my own shoots for little magazines with non existant budgets, Shooting 5x4 was a huge cash drain. Processing my own sheet Film was one way of cutting costs. . And after a bit of experimenting I started to build the first MOD54- a 5x4 sheet film adapter for the paterson developing system. is now expanding from selling one item to being an online darkroom retailer selling all the kit you need to develop your photographic film. It's an extension of my darkroom and I only sell the items that I tend to use myself.

MOD54 was invented by Morgan O'Donovan an Irish photographer based in London, who specialises in shooting backstage at Fashion shows in New York, London, Milan & Paris. Clients have included DIOR, Chloe, H&M, Dunhill & Levis. Magazines such as British Vogue, French Vogue, Vogue Hommes, The International Herald Tribune, Wall Street Journal, i-D, Dazed & Confused and Self Service Magazine to name but a few.