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MOD54 Technical Info

The MOD54 is an adaptor to process 6 sheets of 4x5" sheet film. This adaptor is designed to fit in a Paterson 3 Reel tank (model PTP116- the tank that takes 3 standard reels). 
1 litre of Chemicals is required, enough to fill the tank and fully immerse the sheets.
Load the sheets lining up the ridges on the sheets with the ridges on the TOP of the MOD54.  So the emulsion side is facing inwards.
Agitate as per developer instruction. Generally for the first 60sec then 10sec every min,
Don't be too shy with the Agitation!
It's good practice to test your development time first & practice using the MOD54.
Tap the tank well after each agitation.
When shooting its also a good idea to shoot at least two sheets per shot, on many levels this is best practice.
It will not work with 9x12 sheets.
ROLLI RPX400 & Infared films are too thin to use in the MOD54.
See videos below for more detailed instructions.