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Ilford Obscura Pinhole Camera Kit

Ilford Obscura Pinhole Camera Kit


This is a great little pinhole especially if you want to shot 5x4.  The unit is designed to take a sheet of 5x4 film exactly.  Its all held together with magnets and has a laser etched pinhole (thats good).  Very simple to use.

Please Note the tatty round thing in the image is the exposure meter and is. my one for example.The kits come with a new one but you need to cut it out and assemble it.

10% discount if bought together with Direct Positive Paper use code pinhole

Kit contains-

10 Sheets Delta 100 Pro Expires April 2020 But still good for ages

20 Sheets Ilford Multigrade Paper

Empty Box to store exposed film

Instruction Manual

A quirky exposure meter

I have a few of these and they work well but a changing bag is a bit of a must if you want to shoot more then one shot. They are available separately on the site.