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ADOX Adostop Eco Stop Bath

ADOX Adostop Eco Stop Bath


Stop Bath using Cetric acid, changes colour when used up. 

Tiny 100ml bottle but can process upto 40 rolls 35mm.

The new ADOSTOP ECO has been formulated with a strict focus on avoiding dangerous substances.

The following changes have been applied:

  • 100% citric acid as an active ingredient (no acetic acid part)
  • Dismissal of the Biozide
  • Water soluble indicator without solvent

Advantages of the new recipe:

  • Almost completely odourless when mixed
  • Biodegradable / Non toxic
  • No falling out of the indicator

The dilution remains at 1+19. Capacity: > 3 sqm/Liter of working solution

Shelve life: 24 months for the concenrate after the production date.

Working solution: Slighly less than the old version with biozide. Recomended: 1-2 weeks.