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ADOX FX39 MK2 500ml Film Developer

ADOX FX39 MK2 500ml Film Developer


Another very interesting film developer.

Can process approx 15 rolls 35mm.

For sharp images with excellent contrast control

NEW: FX-39 TYPE II is now shipping. The new version features better keeping properties and is less sensitive to low temperature shipping.

FX-39 is based on Willi Beutler´s formula for Neofin Red, but was further developed by Geoffrey Crawley. Makes very good use of the film’s full ISO-rating. It’s possible to double the films ISO by adjusting the development times. FX39 can be used in various dilutions in order to develop low-sensitivity films with at least 6-minutes developing time. Especially good for films up to 200 ASA.

Well suited for school-photography because of the high equalizing power, low toxidity (no GLS labeling necessary) and easy of use (liquid concentrated one shot developer).


Standard dilution is 1+9 used as a “one shot” developer.

At 1+14 the time should be multiplied by 1.5 and at dilutions of 1+19 develop for twice as long as with the standard dilution.